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It's like royal wedding with a hint of slut.

About Me.

About Me :)
Welcome! :)
Name: Emily.
Age: 20
Location: England, UK.

Likes: Tv shows. Dogs. Reading. Fangirling. Country Music. The Ellen Degeneres Show.
Dislikes: Spiders. Discrimination of any kind. Bullying of any kind.

Height: 5'6"       
Hair color: Ombre. Brownish-red with strawberry blonde tips.
Hair length/style: Long & straight.
Eyes: Somewhere in between blue and green.
Piercings: Ear lobes, ear cartilage + navel.
Tattoos: Just one. A small dove with a heart above it on my shoulder.

Occupation: University student.
Studying: Psychology/English Language.
Future plans: Possibly teaching, although I would LOVE to work with animals.
Movie: Meet the parents, PS. I love you, The Devil wears Prada, Bridesmaids.
TV Show: My all time favorite drama would be LOST and my favorite comedy is Friends. For more tv shows, see below.    
I love dogs and dolphins.     
Place to visit:
ELIZABETH MITCHELL, Lana Parrilla, Meryl Streep, Julie Andrews, Felicity Huffman, Alyssa Milano, Evangeline Lilly, Tina Fey, Ian Somerhalder, Josh Holloway.
Bands:  Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, The Fray, Dixie Chicks, ABBA.
Artists: Carrie Underwood, Pink,  Kelly Clarkson, Christina Perri, Michael Buble, Shania Twain... Anything country.
Quote: "A dog doesn't care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his".
Season of the year: Summer.

Top 5 favorite shows of all time: LOST, Charmed, Friends, Desperate Housewives, Once Upon a Time.
Favorite shows currently airing: Once Upon A Time, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Middle, Revolution, Nashville.
Favorite shows off air/cancelled: LOST, Desperate Housewives, Charmed, Friends, Ringer, Alcatraz, Ghost-Whisperer, The Secret Circle, V, Flashforward, The Event, Hope & Faith, 8 simple Rules, Everybody Loves Raymond, Terra Nova.
Shows I watch occasionally but not often: Buffy, True Blood, Vampire Diaries,
Shows I plan to watch: Fringe, Firefly,  Parks and Recreation, The Office.

Favorite characters: JULIET BURKE, Regina Mills, Lynette Scavo,  Phoebe Buffay, Phoebe Halliwell, Erica Evans. + So many more.
Ships: SAWYER/JULIET, Jack/Kate, Desmond/Penny (Lost), Tom/Lynette, Susan/Mike (Desperate Housewives), Monica/Chandler (Friends), Erica/Hobbes (V), Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Cole (Charmed) & Melinda/Jim (Ghost Whisperer).
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